8 March 2013

Google street-view captures couple having sex in an alleyway

 UK - A couple was caught engaging in a sex act in a Manchester alleyway, England by Google Street View cameras.
The pair were seemingly enjoying a steamy encounter, in what they thought was a discreet back street, when they were snapped.
The last thing they would have imagined is their picture being posted online for the world to see.
In the picture - which is too explicit to publish in full - a woman, wearing skin-tight leopard print leggings and black stilettos, can be seen carrying out a sex act on the man, who has literally been caught with his pants down!Google automatically blurs out the faces of people that appear in their Street View pictures.
However, despite this, it was still clear what the pair were up to on the pavement in Temperance Street.
The image was spotted by eagle-eyed Google users who quickly started sharing it.

One user tweeted the photo along with the caption: "Al fresco. Mancunian style" and another added: "Classy Manchester".

Google moved quickly to blur the image even further on Friday morning but later removed it completely.

Temperance Street is just off Fairfield Street in Piccadilly, an area known to be frequented by street prostitutes.

It is not the first time Google Street View has caught out the public.

Here are some more weird Street View images.


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