21 April 2012

Snake found in BMW X6 belonging to Zimbabwe's richest youth?

Controversial Harare dealer Wicknell Chivhayo - better known as  B.I.G, has rubbished reports that a huge snake was found in his BMW X6 when he took it to a car dealer's premises in Harare recently.

Aged 31, B.I.G is considered one of the richest youths in Zimbabwe although critics point to his numerous appearances in court on commercial crimes charges as the possible source of his millions.

He owns several properties in Harare, drives several latest cars and often spends time overseas, especially in the United States where he buys expensive designer clothes among other things. Now the capital is awash with claims that he might be using black magic for his wealth. The claims, which B.I.G is denying, are that he wanted to dispose of his BMW X6 and took it to a car dealer based along Enterprise Road near Remand Prison Complex.

According to this version of events, B.I.G left the X6 and went to carry on with his other business. The workers at the car dealer then decided to clean the car and then came across a snake. One of them then called B.I.G to tell him what had just happened. To their surprise, B.I.G asked them why they were being over excited. "Hamuzive nyoka here?" he asked.

However, B.I.G said the above account was unfounded and accused the people spreading the story as haters who have realised that they cannot match his achievements. B.I.G then used his facebook wall to hit back at those claiming that he owns a snake. However, the post did not do much to dispel the claims as B.I.G said those who cannot find their own snakes should stop talking.

His Facebook wall posts read:
"Do me a favour brothers and sisters, ladies and gentlemen if you don't have money please just shut up, dont justify your incompetence by saying rich guys have snakes that spit money in their cars etc. SNAKE or no snake we all need legal tender if you can't find your own stake stop talking and start paper chasing I know your hearts bleed for me you can't wait till you get to my level which is practically impossible."

Popular with youths from the nothern suburbs and at upmarket nightclubsm B.I.G has been in and out of courts on charges of commercial crimes - for around a decade now. All his cases involved huge figures of money. For instance, last year he spent time at the Bulawayo High Court facing charges of defrauding more than six people of about R2 million using bogus websites in 2009. 

Source: Hmetro


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  1. He said "those who cannot find their own STAKES!!!!!!" not snakes........ report correctly you idiots and jealous S.O.Bs


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