31 March 2012

Pokello dumps Stunner four months their porn video leaked?

After having had him 'poke-her-low' for long enough, the coitus filled relationship between music groover Stunner and his 'PORN SEX' playmate Pokello has reportedly come to an end.
She is said to have tossed him out of their erstwhile Avondale love nest. Stunner however, rubished the claims. Sources claimed that the two are no longer an 'item' and te belle has withdrawn the services of one of the cars she had given him to ride; when he is nod riding other chores in the house.

"It's true. Shark no longer has the heart of Pokello," claimed our mole. When contacted for comment, Stunner rubished the claims saying Pokello was even at the Harare International Airport on Monday night to welcome him back from overseas.

"I no longer care what people say regarding this (affair) and I am not going to concentrate on it. I was with Pokello yesterday (Monday) and you can ask Dynamos players who saw me in the company of her at the Airport," said Stunner who has just returned from a successful tour of Australia.

Stunner also said that he has never relied on Pokello for all the bling.
"I still drive my own cars. I still own my cars and I never relied on her. We are enjoying ourselves despite all these rumours being said by people."

Stunner also blamed the 'bad' publicity on 'hater' and vowed to soldier on. "The problem with some Zimbabweans is that they don't understand this industry. Right now some people are saying I am no longer in love with Pokello because I did a song with Winky praising Lypsy. I really don't know how to convince people because this industry (hip hop) is all about self praise and nothing else. I will not concentrate on what people say because we are happy together with Pokello," he said.

Efforts to get a comment from Pokello proved fruitless at the time of going to print. However, Stunner could neither deny nor confirm that they are still an item with Pokello. Pokello is the shoe-shop owner, socialite turned porn star who shop to extra-terrestrial superstardom after being filmed having a hot and steamy sex romp with Stunner, in an explicit sexual marathon that went viral on the pirated disc circles and on the social network.

The video, which got even the most lewd people in the city gape-mouthed in awe rocked the foundations of popular culture in the country and got some questioning whether it was proper for Stunner, then an icon of safe sex after being circumcised, to brandish and unleash his manhood, unprotected, in a video taped sex romp. 

Source Hmetro



  1. Stan Chabvondoka31 Mar 2012, 10:23:00

    Mahure anonetsa mu-face wangu....unowana umwe

  2. Wakambodya mudhara......they ar like buses move on.


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