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17 February 2015

Photos: Man strips naked at airport as staff look on in disbelief

By: Admin On: Tuesday, February 17, 2015
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  • A frustrated male traveler shocked airport staff at Russia's Pulkovo Airport in St Petersburg, by stripping completely naked after he was sent back to remove his belt and shoes, while passing through metal detector. And the whole thing was caught on camera.

    The frustrated man first removed his trousers, shirt and before anyone knew what was going on, he removed his undergarment, exposing himself to other travelers. Then while naked, he removed his watch. The bewildered security guards, who didn't seem to know how to react, didn't do anything to stop the man. Then the man goes through the scanner, turns to the security men and asked them if they wanted to search his Then he nonchalantly grabs his clothes and walks off leaving airport staff wondering what they'd just witnessed.

    New York City goes 12 days without a murder

    By: Admin On: Tuesday, February 17, 2015
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  • So for 12 days no one was killed in New York City and New Yorkers are happy about it and reporting it. It's a modern day record. Read the report from CNN below..
    New York City's longest recorded homicide-free streak ended late Friday night, when a 28-year-old man was shot multiple times just before midnight.
    Eric Roman was transported to a nearby hospital in critical condition with gunshot wounds to his head, hand and leg and died Saturday, according to the NYPD.
    New York City had gone 12 days without a homicide, its longest stretch on modern record, police said yesterday Monday.
    The last reported homicide was February 1, Super Bowl Sunday, in Upper Manhattan, police said.
    That day, police responded to a 911 call about multiple shots being fired and found five individuals with gunshot wounds, the NYPD said. One of those five, Graham Shadale, 28, was pronounced dead at the scene.
    Police have not yet made arrests in either case and both investigations are ongoing, officials said.
    The streak has been the longest since the New York Police Department began recording statistics with a computerized program called Compstat in 1994, a police representative said.
    Police Commissioner Bill Bratton hushed talk of the streak Friday on "CBS This Morning."
    "Shh ... we don't want to jinx it," Bratton told host Charlie Rose. "We're into our 12th day now, Charlie. Eleven is a record and let's keep it going."
    Despite the record-breaking streak, there has been an uptick in shooting incidents compared with the same time period last year.
    The week between February 1 and February 8 experienced 110 shooting incidents in 2015 versus 91 in 2014, according to Detective Cheryl Crispin of the NYPD public information office.
    New York City's last record for a streak of days without a homicide was 10 days. In 2014, there were no recorded homicides between February 13 and February 22.

    FlyAfrica introduces Byo-Jo’burg flight @ $178 return

    By: Admin On: Tuesday, February 17, 2015
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  • LOW-COST airline flyAfrica Zimbabwe will start accepting bookings for its Bulawayo-Johannesburg flight set to commence on March 2.

    The budget airline’s Bulawayo-Johannesburg flights will cost $178 return compared to national carrier, Air Zimbabwe’s $380 for the same route.
    The airline was licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe in August 2014 and introduced its first aircraft – Z-FAA – in the same month to service the Victoria Falls-Johannesburg route, flying three times a week on Sunday, Wednesday and Friday.
    In November, flyAfrica launched an inaugural Harare-Johannesburg flight and charges $89 (including taxes) for one way.
    In a statement, the budget airline said the introduction of a daily Bulawayo-Johannesburg service was aimed at bringing low-cost flying to the industry.
    “With fares from $39, the launch of Bulawayo links all main Zimbabwean cities to Johannesburg with our special brand of low fares and great service,” the statement read.
    “Finally, Victoria Falls moves from our current Monday, Wednesday and Sunday flights and becomes a daily flight from July 1 – meaning you can enjoy fares from $39 every day of the week.”
    According to the airline, plans are underway to expand the business into Mozambique, Zambia, Tanzania and Malawi after being granted three more licences to service the routes last year.
    The airline said flyAfrica Namibia would take to the skies on March 2. This would be the second airline in the family.
    Windhoek to Johannesburg flights start on March 2 with fares ranging from R799. Windhoek to Cape Town would start on March 16 with fares from R899.
    The airline operates in partnership with the Karase family’s Fresh Air and Mike Bond of the now defunct 1Time Airlines of South Africa.

    Zim designer behind Nicki Minaj’s fashion line

    By: Admin On: Tuesday, February 17, 2015
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  • WHEN Zimbabwean fashion designer Farai Simoyi first moved to New York City, she was hired as a senior denim designer for House of Dereon, the clothing line by mega-artiste, Beyoncé and her mother, Tina Knowles.
    Simoyi recalls one day, standing on the 17th floor of a building in Times Square, the heart of Manhattan and having an epiphany, “Look at how far I have come and how much I have accomplished; I am a Zimbabwean designer on the design team for Beyoncé’s clothing line and my parents were raised in huts in Zimbabwe, Africa,” she said, awed by the trajectory of her life.

    Fast forward to today, the London-born, Zimbabwean-raised and American-educated fashion prodigy is the senior designer for Nicki Minaj’s fashion collection, which is available exclusively through K-Mart.

    Much like her boss Nicki Minaj, the only woman on the Forbes’ Hip-Hop Cash Kings list (since 2011) who once told a Forbes contributor: “I am not going to fall back from something because it’s never been done before by a woman.”

    Simoyi’s foray into fashion took the same tone and tenacity.

    “Building my own fashion label from scratch has been a major challenge on its own, but building a brand in one of the most unstable industries is even tougher,” said the Zimbabwean fashion designer.

    “But I don’t see myself doing anything else,” she emphasised, resolutely.


    16 February 2015

    Beer drinker stomach ripped open over R2

    By: Admin On: Monday, February 16, 2015
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  • A 31-YEAR-OLD man from Makokoba, Bulawayo, is battling for his life in intensive care at Mpilo Central Hospital after his stomach was ripped wide open at a shebeen on Sunday.
    Msilisi Magutshwa was allegedly stabbed by Michael Mhlanga (20) at around 10pm, following an argument after Mhlanga kept asking for R2 from his girlfriend.
    The argument turned violent and Mhlanga rushed to the kitchen and grabbed a knife, which he used to attack Magutshwa.
    Upon realising that he had stabbed Magutshwa, Mhlanga is said to have removed his blood-stained clothes and fled the scene.
    He is still at large. When Southern Eye visited Magutshwa’s home, relatives and friends were gathered in disbelief, comforting his family members, while the shebeen continued operating.
    His mother, Saziso Gumede, said she was awakened by the people, who told her that her son had been stabbed.
    “I was asleep and suddenly l heard people screaming outside my house saying my son had been stabbed and l quickly rushed to the shebeen, which is a few metres from my house,” she said.
    “I was shocked to see my son lying in a pool of blood with no one assisting him and the owner of the shebeen (name supplied) said ‘thatha umtanakho’ (take your son) without showing any remorse concerning my son’s injury.”
    Mhlanga is reportedly the son of the shebeen queen.
    “That shebeen must be closed, what kind of a business is it where people die?” Gumede quipped.
    Southern Eye learnt that numerous accidents have occurred at the same shebeen, drawing calls for its closure.
    It is alleged that when the two started fighting, people drinking at the house were indifferent and opted to watch the fight.
    Efforts to get a comment from police spokesperson Inspector Mandlenkosi Moyo were fruitless, as he was said to be in a meeting.

    Source: SouthernEye
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