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Girl who got impregnated by own dad at 14 insists she has no regrets

Girl who got impregnated by own dad at 14 insists she has no regrets By Mirror Updated Monday, January 26th 2015 at 16:16 GMT +3 Share this story: UK: A woman has revealed the horrific reign of abuse she faced at the hands of her own father. Helen, whose identity has been protected, said she was regularly beaten and sexually abused by her father growing up. When she was 14 she discovered she was pregnant with his child. Speaking on ITV's This Morning, Helen said her mother had left her and her siblings very early on in the care of her father, where they lived 'like animals'. Her father, who she says often thought there were voices coming from the radio, didn't believe in buying food and their diet consisted solely of potatoes and bread. The brave mother lived in constant fear of her father beating her with a belt, a poker or branches. She also said he would encourage their brother to strangle or beat them. "There was no carpet, no bedding - we were terrified," Helen revealed before adding he made her and her sisters dress like old women to hide the bruises. When Helen turned five the abuse took an even more sinister turn and her father started to sexually abuse her. Helen says all she felt was fear and wouldn't dare answer back to him. "I didn't know any different - he was the boss," she told the hosts. She then fell pregnant aged 14. Helen said she had no idea what was going on, she just felt ill. Her dad's response? He yelled at her and told her she should have taken precautions. "He said you couldn't possibly get pregnant from your father and I believed that. It was such a lie. I completely shut down when I found out." Following that, he started to take her on trips away, which she later realised was an attempt to find somewhere to get an abortion, but she was too far gone.

During the pregnancy, social services attempted to make regular visits to the home but her father would always stop them from coming in.
Eventually a social worker along with two policemen and a doctor made it into the house where she was told she was six or seven months pregnant.
"I went into complete shock then. Whatever little voice I had I shut down - I couldn't believe it."
Despite that, Helen says she was thrilled when she had her 'pride and joy' Sarah.
But the abuse still hadn't stopped. It was only when Helen found her father with the baby that the turning point came.
"The nappy was open and he was rubbing his hands together and stumbling over words and looked really guilty. I saw nothing, but something didn't feel right. I just got out of there," she said.
Eventually police were called and it went to trial, but her father was deemed unfit to stand. He went to a psychiatric unit where he later died. Helen never confronted him about what happened.
What effect has this had on her daughter, Phillip then asks.
"I never intended to tell her." Helen planned on moving abroad to get away from the small town where they lived, but her daughter discovered papers hidden under her mattress when she was out one day.
Helen was forced to tell the truth after her daughter confronted her about it.
"I wanted her to have her innocence, which was taken away from me," she explained.
Now Helen's daughter is travelling the world and Helen says "they're getting there" with their relationship.

"There was a period where she hated me. She never felt [anything] or matured after she found out. She became really hard."
Helen says it will be a long journey for both of them, but hopes that telling her story will help raise awareness of similar abuse and encourage people that they shouldn't suffer in silence.

Source: Standard Group

Sikhalas parents used witchcraft to kill those who tortured there son

FIREBRAND MDC-T founding member and former St Marys MP Job Sikhala has sensationally claimed that people who tortured him during his incarceration as he faced treason charges are dead or mentally disturbed after his parents engaged witchdoctors to avenge his arrest.

Sikhala said this was “one of the secrets” that he wanted to reveal in his upcoming book, Prison of Existence.
The ex-legislator, his lawyer Gabriel Shumba and three others were arrested in January 2003 for allegedly training a “Red Army” to topple long ruling President Robert Mugabe. They reportedly went through torture ordeals, which allegedly involved applying
electric shock on their private parts.
Sikhala said the torture ordeal hardened rather than destroyed his spirit, going further to say he thanked his parents for seeking witchdoctors to deal with his tormentors. He even named some of the tormentors who are now dead or mentally challenged.
“Torture inculcates rebellious mentality and hardens an individual,” Sikhala said in one of his daily messages on Facebook on Sunday.
“A few days ago, l had a long meeting with my lawyer Gabriel Shumba in Pretoria, South Africa. Shumba and I were brutally tortured in January 2003.
“Some of those who took us to the Zimbabwe Military Intelligence base along Seke Road for torture are dead after our parents went to witchdoctors to retaliate against our tormentors.
“This is one of the secrets I only wanted to reveal in my book Prison of Existence.
“The few who are still alive are mentally deranged.
“One of them is based at Makoni Police Station and is in a state of pathetic mental disorder.”
Shumba is presently the executive director of Zimbabwe Exiles Forum and an advocate in the Gauteng High Court.
“These were things we were discussing (with Shumba),” Sikhala continued.
“We thanked our parents for being proactive during our time of need. We did not have the capacity to revenge, but old people know how to do it.”
Sikhala, who has been arrested several times facing various crimes, said the 2003 experience was his worst.
Last year, he claimed he had sired nine children in a 10-year spell with his wife to erase the effects of the 2003 torture ordeal which targeted his reproductive organs, leaving some of his colleagues infertile.
He was quoted saying: “l was able to quickly respond to medication in Denmark (after his torture) and l was able to produce kids. So when l realised ‘l can now do it’ l said let me do it in 10 years . . .”

Namibian Legislators Call for legalizing WIFE SWAPPING

Wife swapping among Namibia's nomadic tribes has been practised for generations but a legislator's call to enshrine it in law has stirred debate about women's rights and tradition in modern society.

The practice is more of a gentlemen's agreement where friends can have sex with each others' wives with no strings attached.

The wives have little say in the matter, according to those who denounce the custom as both abusive and risky in a country with one of the world's highest HIV/Aids rates.

But the Ovahimba and Ovazemba tribes, based mainly in the country's arid north, contend their age-old custom strengthens friendships and prevents promiscuity.

"It's a culture that gives us unity and friendship," said Kazeongere Tjeundo, a lawmaker and deputy president of the opposition Democratic Turnhalle Alliance of Namibia.

"It's up to you to choose [among] your mates who you like the most … to allow him to sleep with your wife," said Tjeundo, a member of the Ovahimba ethnic group.

Lupita Nyong’o Splits from rapper boyfriend K’Naan

Africa’s shining star and winner of Best Supporting Actress at the 2014 Academy Awards, Lupita Nyong’o is reported to have called it quits with her rapper boyfriend, K’naan.
According to the 12 Years a Slave star was the one who ended their relationship and the break-up happened last year.
Grapevine information since Sunday, January 25 has it that Lupita might be dating Jared Leto as the two were seen getting cozy at an SAG after party hosted by Weinstein Co. and Netflix at Sunset Tower in West Hollywood. An observer at the party tells the site that the duo were getting “very flirty.”
The observer adds that Jared was making moves and “majorly flirting” with Lupita.

Dbanj responds to “Broke” rumours…

Dbanj has been hounded by rumours of being cash-strapped . Even after the court summons for allegedly owing N60m was made public, he still didn’t talk about it..
However,the star who recently confessed he fell out with Don Jazzy because of the Kanye West deal, posted the following on instagram..

He is also preparing for his 10 year anniversary concert which features Amber Rose..

Source: Ghana Gossip

NetOne overtakes Telecel to become second largest mobile operator

State-owned NetOne's active subscribers have surpassed Telecel Zimbabwe (Telecel)'s to become the country's second largest mobile network operator, according to latest statistics from the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (Potraz).

In its report for the quarter to September 2014, the telecoms industry regulator said NetOne's active subscribers went up 13,8 percent to 2 707 682 during the period from 2 379 285 registered in the previous quarter.

On the other hand, Potraz says Telecel's active subscribers base dwindled by 7,8 percent to 2 223 724 from 2 400 729 recorded in prior period.

"Due to the decline in active subscriptions, Telecel lost market share by 2,1 percent to reach 19,5 percent from 21,6 percent market share recorded in the second quarter of 2014. As a result, Telecel had the least market share in the third quarter of 2014," Potraz said.

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe (Econet) consolidated its position as the country's leading mobile network operator, with its active subscriber base growing by 2,1 percent in the period under review to 6 472 382 from 6 339 945.

An active mobile subscriber is defined as a subscriber who has used the network at least once in the last three months for making or receiving a call or carrying out a non-voice activity such as sending or receiving an SMS or accessing the Internet.

During the quarter under review, Econet, NetOne and Telecel's market shares stood at 56,8 percent, 23,7 percent and 19,5 percent respectively.

The trio's combined revenue surged by nine percent to $248 million in the period under review on the back on increased investment.

According to Potraz, the mobile operators recorded $227 million revenue in the previous quarter.

"Total investment increased by 10 percent to reach $46 949 601 from $30 711 033 recorded in the second quarter of 2014," Potraz said.

During the three months under review, Potraz said an additional 75 2G base stations were added onto the wireless networks, increasing the number of 2G base stations to 3 284 from 3 209. 3G base stations also increased from 1 260 to 1 300.

"The number of LTE base stations increased by only two base stations to reach 19 LTE base stations from 17 LTE base stations recorded in the previous quarter. All the 19 LTE base stations belong to Econet," Potraz noted.

It added that mobile money transfer services subscribers increased by 16,3 percent to reach 4,9 million from 4,2 million while the total value of transfers and transactions on the platforms increased by 35,8 percent to $403,2 million from $296,8 million recorded in the previous quarter.

"The total number of active mobile subscribers increased by 2,6 percent to reach 11,4 million from 11,1 million subscribers recorded in the previous quarter," Potraz said.

"Internet penetration rate increased by 0,5 percent to reach 47,5 percent from 47 percent recorded in the previous quarter."

Going forward, Potraz noted that the telecommunications sector has undergone major phases in its growth and technological advancements over the period.

"With the sector continually innovating new services and products, there is no doubt that it will continue to expand."

Source: Business Live

Former Governor aged 68 , marries 14 year old girl

Former Governor of Kogi state  and an APC chieftain (Nigeria), Alhaji Abubakar Audu has married a new wife. Audu is 68 years old, while his kid-wife just turned 14 years.

Mujuru's fall from Grace continues, suffers a life changing blow

Former vice-president, Joice Mujuru, suffered a life-changing blow at the weekend when the state broadcaster stopped calling her comrade. She is now plain Mrs Mujuru.

The unseen hand of Zanu-PF awards the "comrade" honorific to those who joined the struggle to end white rule in the 1970s and who remain loyal to the party in general and President Robert Mugabe, 90, in particular.

Mujuru, 58, who took up arms as a teenager against Rhodesia, was sacked from her post last month. She had been accused, among other sins, of plotting a coup d'etat against Mugabe.

Since then the demolition of her reputation continues and she has now been accused in some state media of having forced girls to have sex with male comrades during the liberation war.

One of her loyalists, Didymus Mutasa, 79, formerly in Mugabe's inner circle and a previous security minister, has been accused of raping girls.

He is now no longer a comrade, according to the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation.

Higher education minister Oppah Muchinguri says police dockets opened against Mutasa regularly disappeared.

"He was so powerful and investigating officers would be transferred from local police stations if they attempted to look into reports made against him."

As security minister, Mutasa presided over the detention of some top human rights operators in Zimbabwe.

Muchinguri accused Mujuru of violence against fellow female combatants who refused to have sex with their male colleagues in military camps in neighbouring Mozambique during the 1970s.

"She physically assaulted me… I was whipped for refusing to have sex.

"Imagine. Joice was there. We want you to understand how other young female soldiers suffered as Joice engineered all these abuses," Muchinguri told the state media at a rally late last week.

She claimed Mujuru never did shoot down a Rhodesian helicopter during the war and that the story about it was manufactured by Zanu-PF leaders to boost her image.

Rugare Gumbo, 74, formerly long-serving Zanu-PF spokesman and a Mujuru loyalist, was expelled from the party last month. He told Independent Newspapers that it "made no difference" that Mujuru was no longer known as a comrade.

"This just goes on and on. Who cares? Not us."

First lady Grace Mugabe, 49, engineered Mujuru's downfall late last year after accusing the then vice-president of plotting treason against her husband. Grace is now in the Zanu-PF politburo and is expected to be appointed to her husband's cabinet later this year.

Source: Daily News Foreign Service

Friday, 23 January 2015

Husband caught making love to his mistress

A GWANDA woman could not hold her anger and attacked her husband after catching him pants down with a suspected small house.

The incident took place at Vhovha Mine while others were celebrating the New Year.

Patricia Ndlovu (36) allegedly attacked Memory Mangena (30) on New Year's day at around 9pm.

The accused said she suspected that her husband was having an affair. On the fateful day, she called her husband and he allegedly lied about his whereabouts. "Spies" had seen the husband leaving their place of residence so they directed her.

Upon following her husband, she saw him with a woman from a distance and the woman was kneeling in front of him, constantly bobbing her head to her man's manhood, she claimed.

"When I followed the path I had been directed to, I saw my husband pants down and a woman kneeling down. I proceeded towards them and when they spotted me they stopped and ran away in different directions. I ran after my husband but he outpaced me, I then followed the woman to her place of residence.

"At first she refused to talk to me but later agreed, we went behind her tent. When I asked her she called me stupid and pushed me. I retaliated by handling her by the collar and we started fighting. I pushed her to the top of her tent, and there were shovels and hoes inside the tent that cut her hand. She took a pot and tried using it, I took it away from her and hit her on the head four times," Ndlovu narrated in court.

The accused is said to have hit the complainant four times on the head using an unknown sharp object. Mangena was ferried to Gwanda Provincial Hospital and received 15 stitches on her elbow.

Ndlovu recently appeared before magistrate Olivia Mashava-Mashaire charged with assault and was due for sentencing during the week.


Teacher allegedly dies after Zambia lost to Tunisia

A teacher at Chilonga Primary School in Mpika district of Muchinga province collapsed and died during the disappointing loss of Zambia to Tunisia in game yesterday at the ongoing Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) built for Equatorial Guinea.

This has been confirmed to ZANIS by Muchinga Deputy Police Commissioner, Bonny Kapeso, today in Chinsali district.

Mr Kapeso, who identified the deceased as only Mwaba, said the deceased collapsed at home towards the end of the game soon after Tunisia scored their second goal to make Zambia 1 Tunisia 2.

He said the body of Mwaba is currently in Chilonga Mission Hospital mortuary awaiting burial.

Zambia is laying bottom of group B while Tunisia has topped the group B with four (4) points.
Source: Lusaka Times

Thursday, 22 January 2015

"Woman on top" is the most dangerous s*x position......Read More


                                                                    Image by: Gallo/ Thinkstock

It might have emancipated women from the drudgery of the missionary position, but it seems that men are paying a painful price for revolution in the bedroom.
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