13 October 2015

British grandmother finds out that her Kenyan husband whom she gave £25,000 from her savings had 47 other women

61-year-old Judith Stillwell recently found out that the Kenyan man she married and funded has been seeing 47 other women across the world. The British grandmother, a former teacher and divorced parish councillor, met Ovi Elias in 2009 through a UK dating site, where he told her he lived in London.

According to Daily Mail, Elias claimed he had gone to the UK 20 years earlier as a student, owned a flat in London and was a retired accountant looking to buy property in Dubai.

Elias moved into her home after they met in person and they got married in Brighton in August 2012, as part of what Stillwell believes was an "elaborate scam".

The woman, who changed her her name to 'Mrs Elias' and has two children and a grandchild, said she was intrigued as Elias was "different".

But as they curved out a life at her bungalow home in Ashington, West Sussex, Stillwell said Elias took frequent trips to attend to "urgent business".

"While I believed him when he said he was flying to Dubai to do property deals, I have now discovered he was actually flying all over the world meeting other women who funded his lifestyle, just like me," said Stillwell who gave Elias £25,000 from her savings.

Elias, who had told Stillwell he was 62, reportedly chatted with women across the world as 47-year-old Steve.

Stillwell added that she paid for them to visit relatives in Kenya for blessings after their wedding and also gave "thousands" for water, electric showers and other repairs after landing in Kenya and finding Elias' father lived in a poor state.

When they returned to the UK, she further gave her husband £10,000 (Sh1.6 million) for legal fees concerning the property in Dubai but Elias ended up travelling for months, after saying he would only be away for weeks, she said, regretting that she did not become suspicious.

"He always came up with reasons – for example there was extra legal red tape," she said.
Stillwell discovered Elias trickery in February when he left for another trip to Dubai; she found his e-ticket indicating he had taken a trip to Australia, but Elias claimed it was a detour.

Three weeks later, a woman in Australia told her she had found a list of 47 women in Elias' emails. The women were from locations including the USA, Philipines and Tasmani.

"Apparently he met them all on dating websites and using the story about a property in Dubai, got them to pay his air fares all around the world," she said.

"Then he stayed for weeks at a time living with each woman, spinning her the same line."
Stillwell said she asked Elias to leave when he returned and has not seen him since then. She said police informed her that they can do nothing as her huband did not break the law, but added that she would like her story to serve as a warning to to other women.

"Ovi – or Steve as he was also known – seems to be making a good living out of women like me. He meets them on a website, says he is in love and then after coming out with various sob stories, gets them to pay for his bed, board, and travel."

Source: LIB

HURE disappears with clients cash & electrical gadgets

A Seke 12 Primary School teacher was left ruing the day he decided to hire a hooker for a two day sex fest at his house.

According to the Herald, Trust Mhumanike (30) of Unit O in Chitungwiza lost $120 cash and electrical gadgets worth $1 100 to a thigh vendor he had hired for two days to quench the fire in his loins.

The hooker with no fixed abode, Judith Mutero (24) operates in the Harare Central Business District. Mhumanike reportedly took the thigh vendor to his house, where they stayed for two days together enjoying quality time.

The court was told that on September 2 and at around 5am, Mhumanike woke up and went to his other room to engage in his school work leaving Mutero alone in the bedroom.

It is alleged that he left his Hp laptop, a Samsung Tablet 3 and S4 Samsung cellphone and $120 cash. After completing his work, Mhumanike went to bath and when he returned, Mutero had left and the gadgets were missing.

He rushed outside to check for Mutero, but could not find her. The matter was reported at Harare Central Police, leading to Mutero’s arrest. Goods worth $400 were recovered. Appearing before Chitungwiza magistrate Ms Tafadzwa Miti, Mutero was not asked to plead to theft charges and was remanded out of custody to October 19.

Source:The Herald

“Tin Tin” Katsande, who recently gave birth, has shared her baby pictures on Facebook

RADIO and television personality,Tinopona“Tin Tin” Katsande, who recently gave birth, has shared her baby pictures on Facebook for the first time with her followers.

The former Studio 263 actress and ZiFM Stereo host, known to many as Joice Huni,gave birth last month to a baby boy.She and the father of the baby Virimai Chigariro named him Yambuko Nokutendaishe,which means crossing over with the grace of God.Excited about giving birth,Tin Tin shared the news with her followers.

On Sunday,showing that she was grateful and appreciative for what she described as a miracle,Tin Tin shared the photos accompanied by a heart-warming message for her son who she showered with blessings and praise.

“No weapon formed against you shall prosper for you were made in HIS image my son;and because you are covered by the blood of Jesus you will grow into a strong and wise man.You will be the head and not the tail.

“You will be the one who loans not borrows.You have plenty and share with those that have less. You will know and live in faith,hope and love.You’re a miracle Yambuko Nokutendaishe Chigariro.I will praise God and speak of His goodness all the days of my life,” posted Tin Tin.

She went on to thank her friends and relatives for their support during and after her pregnancy.

“Friends and family,Thank you for the prayers and encouragement.You’re so very much appreciated.Mwari wakatendeka chokwadi(God is truly faithful).May you be blessed more and more,”said Tin Tin.

Congratulatory messages continued to pour in on her Facebook page wall from fans with most saying the baby looked adorable.

TinTin had initially been told by doctors that she could not conceive due to endometriosis,a gynaecological condition that causes cells from the uterine lining to flourish outside the uterine cavity,causing one to be infertile.

TinTin overcame the condition by undergoing several treatment options,leading a healthy lifestyle and praying.


1 October 2015

OPPOSITION MDC-T vice-president Thokozani Khupe’s driver has robbery case to answer

OPPOSITION MDC-T vice-president Thokozani Khupe’s driver Witness Dube and fellow party member Kunashe Muchemwa have been put to their defence in a motor vehicle robbery case after a Bulawayo magistrate dismissed their application for discharge on Wednesday.

Dube and Muchemwa has pleaded not guilty to the charge of robbery and assault when they appeared before Bulawayo regional magistrate Mark Dzira.

The court heard that the two seized the vehicle allocated to then MDC-T Matabeleland North provincial chairperson Sengezo Tshabangu when it was in the lawful custody of his driver Lameck Ndlovu on May 25, 2014.

Last month, the two MDC-T activists, through their lawyers Tanaka Muganyi and Kholwani Ngwenya, applied for discharge citing lack of evidence against them.

However, Dzira dismissed their application saying the court had considered the fact they allegedly used physical force to grab the party vehicle from Ndlovu.

“It appears you used force to take the vehicle and because of that, the State managed to prove a prima facie case against you,” he said.

“Due to injuries sustained by the complainant (Ndlovu) during the said robbery, it shows that there was some force used to take the vehicle and therefore the accused must be placed on their deference.”

Dzira then remanded them to October 8 for their defence case. They are out of custody on $200 bail.

During trial last month, former MDC-T treasurer-general Elton Mangoma said the vehicle in question did not belong to the MDC-T, but to a company owned by senior party members some of whom had since defected.

Mangoma produced a Laphonic Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd company document whose directors are mostly MDC-T senior members. These include MDC-T secretary-general Douglas Mwonzora, treasurer-general Theresa Makone, Paurina Mpariwa, Charlton Hwende and former secretary-general Tendai Biti who is now leader of the People’s Democratic Party.

Ngwenya had argued that his client Muchemwa was not at the scene of the alleged robbery on the day and the State had failed to prove that he was there when the car was confiscated.

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20 Year old caught having S3X with a 14 year old girl

A 20-year-old man was caught by the father of his 14-year-old girlfriend having s-exual intercourse with the minor.

Tinashe Madhananga pleaded guilty to the charge of having s-exual intercourse with a minor when he appeared at Chitungwiza Magistrate Court.

The ruling of the matter will be read in court today.

The State, led by Tendai Mukatera, proved that on a date unknown to the prosecutor but during the month of May 2015, and at around 7pm, Tinashe was at the minor’s residence where they were engaging in ‘bedroom gymnastics’

The father of the complainant caught the two in the compromising positions and assaulted Tinashe who then took to his heels.

The Love smitten teen then followed Tinashe to his place where upon arrival, the court heard, the two engaged in yet another marathon s-ex session.

They then started staying together as husband and wife.

Tinashe stayed wit the minor as he husband as from May 2015 to 12 September.

A medical affidavit was produced in court as exhibit.

Pokello & Elikem seen at magistrates courts , getting legally married

Celebrity couple Elikem Kumordzie and Pokello Nare could soon be getting legally married, if their visit at the marriages department at Harare Magistrates Court is anything to go by.

Moles spotted the couple at Rotten Row Courts on Tuesday morning where they were enquiring about how they could book and register to get a licence for their wedding.

“We saw Elikem entering the marriages department on Tuesday and during that time, Pokello was said to be seeing officials over their planned wedding.

” I am sure they wanted to book for the wedding. It is only unfortunate that they had no requisite documents to book for their wedding. Pokello’s husband is a foreigner and there are a number of challenges that need to be taken care of before they are allowed to wed.

“Elikem need to be cleared with the immigration department, police and present a letter of approval from the Ghanaian Embassy.

“But as of now, they are to register their wedding when Elikem brings all the necessary documents,” said the court insiders.

The sources also revealed that the Former Big Brother housemates had begged court officials to keep their legal union a ‘secret’.

Elikem and Pokello are customarily married. The Ghanaian happily parted with thousands of dollars in bride price for Pokello in Harare some few months ago.


30 September 2015

MDC-T Bigwigs want Morgan Tsvangirai OUT!!!

MDC-T leader and Former Zimbabwe Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai has sensationally claimed there is a fresh plot to oust him from the leadership of the party he helped found, saying some of his lieutenants were plotting a fresh congress so they could kick him out.

Tsvangirai made the revelations when he addressed party supporters in Chitungwiza on Monday, saying he had it on good authority that some of his top lieutenants were already campaigning to hold another congress, hardly a year since the last one, where they hoped to be elected as new leaders.

“When we came from our congress, we heard that others had already started campaigning for the next congress. That will not bring the desired change we want,” he said, warning that such elements would not be tolerated.

The MDC-T leader said such moves were detrimental to the main opposition party and reduced the MDC-T’s chances of dethroning Zanu PF and President Robert Mugabe.

He said divisions were a recipe for failure, particularly in his party’s strongholds such as Chitungwiza and Bulawayo.

Tsvangirai gave the impassioned speech about divisions in party, after he came face-to-face with factionalism at the burial of Harare deputy mayor Thomas Muzuva in Wedza at the weekend, where party youths nearly came to blows in what many felt was a reflection of the never-ending feud created by the October 2014 congress.

The congress saw former MDC-T organising-secretary Nelson Chamisa losing the acrimonious battle for the party’s secretary-general post to Douglas Mwonzora.

At Muzuva’s funeral, some party activists could be seen chanting slogans supporting candidates they thought should have won at last year’s congress.

Tsvangirai on Monday seemed to confirm the feud, when he warned Chitungwiza party supporters against plotting against the leadership elected at the congress.

He said his party should put emphasis on team work and avoid individualism that leads to “perennial losses”.
The former Premier also urged his officials to encourage all their supporters to register and prepare for the next polls.

Photos: Nigerians among African migrants rescued from the Mediterenean between yesterday and today

 Over 821 African migrants, among them Nigerians who were trying to make their way to Europe were rescued from rubber boats between yesterday and this morning in several rescue operations.

Source: LKJ

28 September 2015

Chiedza Brown’s Aunt speaks on suicide mystery

The late Chiedza Brown’s aunt, Tawona Maraire, has spoken of their shock following the death of her niece early this month, saying the family is still in the dark on why she killed herself.Chiedza Brown the daughter of late musicians Andy Brown and Chiwoniso Maraire

Chiedza, the daughter of late legendary musicians Andy Brown and Chiwoniso Maraire, committed suicide on September 12 in the United States.

Breaking her silence in an exclusive interview with The Standard Style on Friday, Maraire who was staying with the late Chiedza and her elder sister Chengeto in Texas said she was still trying to figure out what happened.

She said she understood that like a teenager she was bound to have her issues but she felt that she had not yet managed to get over losing her mother who passed away two years ago.

“I have been trying to figure that out for the past two weeks. And I don’t have an answer. For the most part, Chiedza has always been a quiet, fun loving, intelligent young lady. She had a smile that would light up any room and she was always smiling,” she said.

“All teenagers have issues and she was no exception to that rule but not enough to make anyone think that she was in so much pain. She lost her mother and I do not think that she ever got over the pain of losing her.”

Tawona said although Chiedza would sleep with her mbira most of the time, lately she had been concentrating on her art work and said she was an excellent artist with amazing drawings and sculptures.

She said the 10th grade student was surrounded by love at school and in the community of Providence, Texas where she lived.

“With teenagers sometimes it’s difficult to know what is going on between their friendships. It’s so complicated. Yes, she had friends. She was surrounded by love at school and in the community,” said Tawona.

“We live in a small upper-middle class town called Providence Village in Texas. She was well-liked within the community, which is why this was such a shock to our community as a whole. Chi [as she was known here] was loved. She uplifted any situation. This situation is heart-breaking.”

Tawona said plans to cremate her body were made from the time of her death by her elder sister Chengeto and she got the support from the Maraires.

She said even the family members involved in the fundraising last week at Alliance Francaise were aware that Chiedza would be cremated from the onset.

“From the time of her death the immediate family had agreed that Chiedza was going to be cremated. This was decided by Chengeto and my brothers,” she said.

“We truly appreciate how people came together to raise money for our beloved child to come home. However, the family members involved in the fundraising event in Zimbabwe were aware from the beginning that Chiedza was to be cremated and that the cremation and services here in Texas had already been funded.”

Tawona said her family including her children, were all gutted by Chiedza’s death, more so that suicide is difficult to understand.

“There are so many unanswered questions. Chiedza had people that loved her dearly in Zimbabwe. She also had a family that loved her more than life itself.

“This was the second time she had lived with us in the US, so when my sister [Chiwoniso] passed on, she made a decision to come and stay here,” said Tawona.

“As a mother, I am completely broken. I know that in situations like this people have to place blame, because we do not understand how and why.

“I also do not understand how and why. Chengeto is completely broken. Her cousins that she lived with are in unbearable pain.

“Chiedza was that light for all of us. She will be remembered for the peace she brought to every situation. We will never know why this happened but she would have never wanted people to lose love, friendship and family over this tragic, tragic incident.

“That’s not what she was about. She was about love. So I pray that everyone respects that and thinks about that when they are dealing with this situation and to always smile like Chi.”

Electric Geysers to be replaced By Solar GEYSERS

GOVERNMENT says it will soon compulsorily phase out electric geysers and replace them with solar gadgets part of efforts to ease the load on the national grid following a sharp decline in electricity generation in the country.
In a statement, Secretary for Energy and Power Development Partson Mbiriri said the switch over to solar-powered geysers would help the country serve at least 300mw of electricity.

The country has an estimated 250 000 electric geysers which are expected to be replaced or retrofitted with solar geysers.

Mbiriri said the official launch of the National Domestic Solar Water Heating programme is set for Wednesday in Harare .

It will be held under the theme Stimulating Economic Growth and saving energy though harnessing natural resources.

“Zimbabwe is currently facing an acute power shortage and it has been identified that substantial power is consumed by domestic electric geysers.

“One way of mitigating the power shortage is to substitute electric geysers with solar geysers.

“It will soon be a requirement that all new buildings/ structures are to be fitted with solar geysers and not electric geysers. Electric geysers in old buildings must also be replaced with solar geysers,” he said.

Last week, Zesa announced a punishing 18-hour load-shedding regime and blamed the blackouts on low water levels at Kariba Dam and breakdowns at Hwange Power Station, which have affected electricity generation. Since 2007, the country has been experiencing increased load-shedding and unscheduled power supply disruptions, forcing consumers to switch to other energy sources such as solar, gas, firewood and diesel generators.

According to the latest load-shedding schedule, most residential areas will go from 4am to 10pm without power.

A statement released by Zesa’s subsidiary — the Zimbabwe Power Company — on its website last week showed that Hwange was generating 414MW, Kariba 500MW, Harare Power Station 30MW, Munyati 22MW and Bulawayo 18MW, translating to a mere 984MW for the whole country.

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