25 March 2015

Man puts SUPER GLUE on cheating wife's VAG!NA

A 40-year-old Mpumalanga woman says she'll never ever be able to engage in sex because her husband put super glue on her genitals, scarring her for life.
The woman, who cannot be named to protect her dignity, lives in Ngwamtila village near Bushbuckridge.
Her husband, whose name is known to our news crew, allegedly put the super glue on her privates on 9 March 2013, after accusing her of cheating on him with her uncle.
"My husband was an abusive man for many years. His abuse spiralled out of control when my uncle dropped me off at our home. He then accused me of cheating on him with my uncle. It was shocking because he knew my uncle well and even greeted him nicely when he dropped me off," says the woman.
She said after screaming at her he told her that he would teach her a lesson.
"Every time the month of March comes along I remember the cruelty that he showed me. He took out a panga and ordered me to take off my clothes. As I started doing that he told me that if I didn't do it he would chop off my head with the panga. He had previously tried to chop off my hand with the panga but I managed to escape. This time I could not escape.
"He then ordered me to lie down and open my legs. He then took out super glue and applied it on my privates while I looked at him with horror and tears streaming down my face. I do not know what would make a man who loves a woman do that to her," she said.
Asked if her husband was ever arrested for his cruel actions she said: "I wanted to press charges but he fled and has not been seen since the incident. I am scared that he might come back anytime and remove my head."
The woman feels pain every time she urinates.

Source: Times Live

Zim loses $12 billion to multinationals

Zimbabwe has lost an estimated $12 billion through illegal trade involving multinational companies from rich countries involved in the mining sector here.
Chinese companies wreak havoc in ZimbabweMugabe with the Chinese who are said to be looting diamonds from Marange
The amount siphoned off is enough to pay off the country’s total debt – estimated at just under $10 billion.
A new report, entitled Capital Flight, Natural Resources and Institutions in Zimbabwe and compiled by Zimbabwean researchers and academics, reveals that the multi-billion capital flight has taken place over the last three decades – largely through falsified invoicing.
According to the researchers, trade in the major minerals involves companies from Zimbabwe’s main trading partners, which include South Africa, Canada, Australia, UK, China and the US.
Secret deals
“Capital flight from Zimbabwe reached a record high of $3.1 billion in 2006. Evidence from the African Development Bank and Global Financial Integrity (2013) also shows that Zimbabwe has lost a cumulative $12 billion in the last three decades through illicit financial outflows ranging from secret financial deals and tax avoidance to illegal commercial activities,” says the report.
“Furthermore, according to the Minerals Marketing Corporation of Zimbabwe (2014) the country is losing more than $50 million worth of gold every month through smuggling,” it adds.
Independent estimates last year indicated that gold leakages accounted for losses of around $ 800 million every month, a figure that has not been officially refuted. Zimbabwe is endowed with abundant mineral resources that experts say could easily turnaround the economy, but their contribution to economic development has remained minimal.
The report says the mining sector, despite being touted as one of the biggest sectors in the national economy, has contributed only between 3-4 percent of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).
Zimbabwe accounts for about 9 percent of the world’s diamond production, 6 percent of platinum and about 4 percent of palladium output.
The country is currently extracting around 30 different types of minerals, chief among them diamonds, gold, nickel and platinum, with minerals accounting for most of the exports.
“Most of the metals and minerals mined locally are for the export market. This therefore presents a fertile ground for mis-invoicing – given that most of the companies in the mining sector are foreign owned,” reads the report.
The research indicates that the companies involved in minerals trade have been under-invoicing their goods by bringing less capital into Zimbabwe and then exporting high value minerals to numerous destinations.
The offending companies declare a smaller amount of money they receive from exports than what is reported as imports by trading partners.
They have also been over-invoicing imports, whereby the companies have been accessing more locally available foreign currency and then taking it out under the pretence that it would be used to import goods and service. The exporters report a larger amount of money they use for importing than what is reported by trading partners.
Tax evasion
The report identifies corruption, dysfunctional regulation, weak enforcement of rules and money laundering as the main drivers of capital flight. It also blames the financial leakages on tax evasion, lack of transparency in trade transactions, high and persistent government budget deficits, excessive external borrowing, and political instability.
Canada, China, Germany, UK, Greece, Italy, US and Zambia are named as gateways to facilitate capital flight out of Zimbabwe. Italy recorded the highest capital flight from Zimbabwe between 2008 and 2013 while the highest illegal inflows came through Belgium.
The researchers also blamed President Robert Mugabe’s Look East policy for massive capital flight.
‘”Even the ‘friendly countries’ like China show capital flight from 2010. This might suggest that during the crisis period China was bringing unrecorded capital into Zimbabwe, but as the economy improved China was sending out money from Zimbabwe as illegal repatriation of profits,” says the report.
Developed countries like the US, Germany and Canada could have been used as routes through which money was illegally taken out.
The report also notes that diamond export mis-invoicing was rife in trade between Zimbabwe and European countries, including the UK.

Source: The Zimbabwean

24 March 2015

Please your worship, I really want s3x: Harare woman tells magistrate

A HARARE woman yesterday begged the Civil Court to grant an order forcing her husband to be intimate with her, saying she was sexually-starved.
Tarisai Nyamundaya said her husband Clemence Nyamundaya spent time with girlfriends denying her her conjugal rights. "I want this court to order my husband to come home and be intimate with me because I am now sexually thirsty," she said.
Tarisai implored magistrate Mr Trevor Nyatsanza to bar Nyamundaya from visiting girlfriends and to attend to her.
"I also want the court to bar him from going to his girlfriend's house so that he can concentrate on me like what he used to do when we got married."
Nyamundaya absconded court.
Mr Nyatsanza dismissed Tarisai's application saying the domestic violence court had no jurisdiction to give such orders. He ordered Tarisai and her husband to seek counselling.

Student loses 90% of her skin and left almost blind from drug allergy

24 year old student Khaliah Shaw was left almost blind, screaming in agony and lost 90% of her skin as a result of a rare allergic reaction to a common prescription drug she was prescribed for bipolar.

When she first started experiencing discomfort, Khaliah, from Georgia, US, was told she had the flu but one night she woke up to agonising pain as her skin fell off. Her hair and fingernails had also fallen out and her body covered in open wounds.

Source: LIB

Plane carrying 148 people from Spain to Germany crashes in France

An Airbus plane operated by Lufthansa's Germanwings budget airline carrying 142 passengers and 6 crew crashed in southern France this morning. The airbus A320 was flying from Barcelona, Spain to Duesseldorf, Germany when it disappeared from radar in the Alpes de Hautes Provence after sending a distress signal at 10.47am local time.
Everyone on board is feared dead after debris from the plane was found scattered over a wild area near Barcelonnette hours later. The cause of the crash is not yet known.

Econet introduces ECOSHOPPER , Online supermarket

One fact for sure is that Econet has been Zimbabwe's richest and most successful company for about a decade, if not more. Econet has raised Zimbabwe's flag high as its chairman, Dr Strive Masiyiwa is the only Zimbabwean who always features in Forbes' 50 richest Africans each year. Masiyiwa and his cash cow Econet Wireless have proved to the world that Zimbabwe has got the resources to foster economic development not only in Zimbabwe but regionally and internationally as Econet has done.
The company was the first African owned mobile network operator to be granted a licence in the United Kingdom. Econet has also invested in New Zealand, South Africa, Nigeria and other countries, just to mention a few.
Coming back home, although Econet has created employment through letting vendors sell airtime, introducing Ecocash where agents employ Ecocash operators who conduct cash-in pr cash out transactions etc, the telecomms giant has also in a way pushed hundreds if not thousands of entrepreneurs out of business.
In a bid to make more profit and diversity, Econet - Zimbabwe's most successful company, Zimbabwe's most colourful brand, and Zimbabwe's best IT company, has ventured into banking through its Steward Bank subsidiary. Because Econet is the biggest mobile network operator, and by merely sending a single sms to each subscriber, Econet reaches out to over 4 millions Zimbabweans within a day. That has helped to make Steward Bank Zimbabwe's biggest bank - at least when customer base is the factor to consider.
In a similar venture, Econet together with its sidekick, Steward Bank, the company launched Ecocash, which again has since become Zimbabwe's most prominent mobile banking system. The good thing is that this created employment to thousands of people throughout the country, offered a banking facility to thousands if not millions of individuals who would never be allowed to open a bank account (due to strict requirements and conditions the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe has imposed on traditional banks when opening new bank accounts). Ecocash has also helped ease the transfer of money throughout the country even during non-working hours.
The disadvantage however is that Econet is driving other banks out of business. Now employees can receive their salaries into their Ecocash accounts, thereby effectively rendering most banks useless. A daily transaction limit of up to US$500 is way beyond the reach of many employees in Zimbabwe, therefore receiving one's salary through Ecocash is not a problem at all, but now many banks are struggling to make ends meet. Other banks such as Allied Bank, Trust Bank, AfrAsia Bank (formerly Kingdom Bank) have since hanged their boots. Other banks such as Tetrad Investment Bank, Metbank and Capital Bank are on the RBZ list of struggling banks, it is alleged.
According to a local Economist who spoke to My Zimbabwe News on condition of anonymity, Ecocash has been the major competitor that blew the last punch which saw struggling banks crumpling and rendering thousands and thousands of employees jobless.
Econet has also ventured into Life Assurance industry through its Ecosure venture which it is marketing aggressively through SMSes to its subscribers. We are receiving at east 1 if not two Ecosure SMSes every single day that the ZLord has made. Life Assurance companies such as First Mutual Life, ZB Life Assurance, Fidelity Life Assurance among a pool of other small players are already feeling the breeze. Within the next few years most of these players would have been pushed out of business and the country's unemployment rate would further shoot up.
And today Econet is launching its e-commerce venture dubbed Ecoshopper. Now Econet is competing with supermarkets such as OK, TM, Spar etc to provide customers with groceries. Through a partnership with National Foods, Econet is wishes to disrupt the Supermarket model. Econet’s strategy is to take the supermarket out of the chain and get direct from the manufacturer. That way, the price may be better than the supermarkets.
The customers of EcoShopper will be required to collect their groceries from a National Foods pickup point. On payment, Econet is requiring the use of its mobile payment platform, EcoCash. What it means is if this phenomenon becomes successful, many grocery buyers who would have purchased from TM, OK, SPar etc, will do it the Econet way, and these supermarkets may be forced to retrench more stuff, close some outlets or pull out of business totally. But in short thousands of retail employees now risk losing their jobs as Econet will definitely fight hard to make profit out of their new venture.
Other ventures that we will not even talk about include Econet Solar, EcoFarmer, EcoSchool, EcoHealth and Econet Connected Car.
We are not blaming Econet for the upsurge of our country's economy.t But we are saying, why use an economic absolute advantage to compete with your customers and eventually push them out of business? Why choose to become a jack of all trades and channel profits from your successful project to venture into totally different industries that have absolutely nothing to do with telecoms? Why not simply provide a platform that lets supermarkets and other interested players venture into ecommerce, that way as the nation's most vibrant company you would have helped to create employment, instead of focusing on profiteering while painting the whole nation black.

Culled From: MyZim

22 March 2015

Controversial Prophet Mboro in fight over elderly woman's dead body

FISTS, bricks, bullets and knobkieries flew as the warrior priest battled over a gogo's dead body.
It was just one more Incredible Happening at the church of Prophet Mboro!
It happened last Sunday after local tough guys, allegedly hired by the local undertaker, staged a raid on the Incredible Happenings church in Katlehong. Their target was Prophet Paseka "Mboro" Motsoeneng.
Last week the celebrity prophet told Sunday Sun that before his church member gogo Ngwenya died, she asked to be buried by him as she didn't want to turn into a restless spirit.
The prophet said: "Church ministers and family members went to the mortuary to wash the corpse. They prayed and then dressed it," he said.
But someone dressed the body in different clothes! And the prime suspect, according to Mboro, was Jabu Dladla of Zamokuhle Funeral Directors.
On Friday, the undertaker should have brought the body to the family house in Dukathole, where Mboro was waiting.
"I phoned to find out why there was a delay. I went there with church members who took videos. A guy who works at the mortuary said it was a mistake to tamper with the body. I prayed in the street, then I left," said the prophet.
But last Sunday another drama took place at Mboro's church – allegedly because Dladla was angered by the videos taken at the mortuary.
Around 50 kombis came, playing loud music. These invaders allegedly opened fire and broke down the church gate.
Mboro said: "Congregation members and my bodyguards fired into the air. I told them: 'Don't shoot to kill!'
"The hooligans ran away, shouting that I was a mafia," he said.
He added that some of the taxi drivers were moered and had to be removed by ambulance. Mboro alleged: "Some confessed they were sent by Dladla."
Last week, Dladla refused to comment. Mboro has opened a case of crimen injuria. Germiston police confirmed this.

President Mugabe meets his 119-year-old teacher (PHOTO)

THE name Oscar Munyoro might not ring a bell in the minds of many, but the 119-year old man yesterday stole the show at Kutama Mission when he met President Mugabe, one of his students at Murombedzi School in 1931.
The two met on the sidelines of Kutama Mission Centenary Celebrations. Proceedings came to a standstill as President Mugabe took time to chat with his former teacher, reliving memories of the good old days.
Perched in his wheelchair and neatly dressed in a black striped suit, Mr Munyoro could hardly recognise the President.
"Ko VaMugabe vacho ndevapi?" he asked while holding the President's hand.
President Mugabe cheerfully responded: "VaMugabe ndivo vano vamuri kutaura navo."
With a wide smile on his face, Mr Munyoro could not hide his joy as he thanked God for giving him a long life to see one of his students excelling to become the Head of State and Government.
"Mwari vane simba. Kwave kungoita kunge story kuti VaMugabe ndakavafundisa. Kusaona kani, maziso haachanyatsooni. Kungoti nguva ndiyo yaita shoma," Mr Munyoro said.
Mr Munyoro described President Mugabe and the late Cde James Chikerema as brilliant students.
"He was very intelligent together with (James) Chikerema. He was committed to his studies and it was clear from the beginning that he was destined for greater things in life," he said.
From Murombedzi School, President Mugabe enrolled at Kutama Mission, which has to date produced several icons and luminaries in Zimbabwe.
Most of the students who passed through Kutama Mission are now leaders in various disciplines.
One of the students, Cde Walter Chidhakwa, who is now the Mines and Mining Development Minister said Kutama Mission was the foundation of his intellectual exploits.
"The school did not only give us intellectual proficiency, but discipline because things were done according to certain standards. The educational regime that we went through is now making sense to me because it moulded our characters," he said.
Cde Chidhakwa said some of the attributes of Kutama Mission were its ability to nurture students with analytical skills.
Another former student and past president of the Kutama Old Boys' Association (KOBA), Cde Dakarayi Mapuranga, said he was happy to be associated with an institution that had done the country proud by producing a Head of State and Government.
"Kutama is known for its academic prowess, but we are now taking sporting activities seriously and we have a group of basketball students that we are sending to Europe as KOBA," he said.
Cde Mapuranga, who is eyeing Headlands constituency whose by-election to replace the expelled Mr Didymus Mutasa is set for June 5, said he was inspired to venture into politics by his life at Kutama.

20 March 2015

Angry magistrate fines man $4,000 for helping Prophet Angel to commit a crime

A Harare magistrate yesterday said Spirit Embassy founder prophet Uerbert Angel Mudzanire was the real perpetrator of the crime in a case in which his accomplice was convicted and fined $4 000 for defrauding a city man of a Bentley Continental sedan vehicle valued at $300,000.
Anderson Tagara (35) was found guilty of being an accessory and not of fraud as regional magistrate Mr Noel Mupeiwa indicated that Tagara only took part in the deal after Prophet Angel had already committed the offence.
"You only played the role of facilitating for the sale of the car by signing the agreement of sale and the affidavit, but you were not present when the prophet told Ndabazinengi Shava to cede the car. Therefore you cannot be charged with theft of trust property but rather you played the role of an accomplice by helping Prophet Angel to sell the car to a third party without verifying with the real owner of the car," he said.
In passing sentence, Mr Mupeiwa said he had considered that Tagara was a first offender and that first offenders did not deserve a harsh sentence.
"Severe punishment is not for first offenders however, a blind eye cannot be turned that you played an important role by signing the agreement of sale and affidavit as if you were the one who had sold the car to Benjamin Mudzanire," he said.
Mr Mupeiwa said a fine was an appropriate punishment for Tagara as there was no evidence that he benefited from the offense.
"Although you did not benefit from this crime, the court cannot ignore that someone lost a very expensive car through your aid," he said.
Facts are that sometime in February 2012, Shava engaged Tagara to purchase a Bentley from the United Kingdom.
Shava entered into a verbal agreement with Tagara so that he could facilitate the importation of the motor vehicle. Sometime between March 8 and March 17 in 2012, Shava gave Tagara $240 000 for the deal, through Centrust (Pvt) Ltd.
After collecting the money, Tagara went on to import the Bentley Continental sedan registration number ACO 1759, and handed it over to Shava. Sometime in 2013, Shava lost the car to Angel through fraud. The court heard that sometime between May and October 2013, Tagara, acting in common purpose with Angel, allegedly signed a fake agreement of sale to the effect that Benjamin Mudzanire had bought the motor vehicle in question for $76 000.
As a result of the misrepresentation, Shava allegedly suffered prejudice of $300 000.
Prophet Angel, through his lawyer has already indicated that he will never return to Zimbabwe.
Source: MyZimbabwe

Former Vice President Dr Joice Mujuru has been summoned to High Court

Former Vice President Dr Joice Mujuru has been summoned to an edict meeting set for today at the High Court to appoint an executor of the estate of her late husband General Solomon Tapfumaneyi Mujuru.
Relatives and other interested parties have also been advised to attend the crucial meeting.
Gen Mujuru died in an inferno at his Ruzambo Farm in Beatrice in 2011. He is believed to have had many children out of wedlock, with some of the children reportedly now living in the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom and South Africa.
Master of the High Court Mr Eldard Mutasa yesterday confirmed that the edict meeting will be held today.
"We have already notified the family of this meeting through their lawyers Kantor and Immerman," said Mr Mutasa.
"The purpose of the meeting is to appoint an executor dative who will administer this estate," read the invitation.
"We will also discuss the assets and liabilities of the estate, identify potential beneficiaries and any other business relating to the estate. Please inform the next of kin, deceased's relatives and any or interested parties about the date and time of the meeting so that they can also attend."
The edict meeting comes at a time when Dr Mujuru reportedly challenged those who are claiming to be Gen Mujuru's children born out of wedlock to undergo paternity tests as the fight for the national hero's estate gets nasty. Gen Mujuru's estate is believed to run into billions of dollars.
He was ranked among the richest Zimbabweans with business interests cutting across almost all sectors of the economy, from diamonds to chrome.
General Mujuru's will has disappeared, forcing one of his children Tendai to seek legal action after the national hero's widow failed to register his estate in terms of the law.
According to the Administration of Estate Act Chapter 601 Section 5, the estate should have been registered within 14 days of Gen Mujuru's death.
Dr Mujuru was supposed to have registered the Estate in her capacity as the closest person to the deceased, although the law does not bar intended beneficiaries from doing so.

19 March 2015

Female Chemistry teacher caught having S*X in Science Lab

SEX TAPE: Female Chemistry teacher caught having sex in Science Lab Shocking things really do happen everyday in school premises. It's either students are caught cheating with their teachers or students cheating with their fellow students and at times teachers themselves are caught having sex.
Thi stime round, a female Chemistry teacher was caught red-handed dishing out her sexual goodies to a male student, in a Science Lab.
The unfortunate incident took place in Uganda, Where a Chemistry female teacher was caught red-handed, having sex with her own student during break time.
A sex tape was recorded and My Zimbabwe News is in the possession of the short but massive adult video clip.
Rumour has it that they have been engaged in this for a while now but nobody ever noticed until the day the female teacher was caught dishing out sex to her equally sex-starved student.
It all got busted when the laboratory prefect brought some junior students to help him clean up the lab during break time, not knowing that a steamy sex session was actually in progress in the lab.
They never knew it was going to be that easy because the teacher always locks the door from inside whenever they are having a nice time. She would then remove the key from the key hole to make it look like there is no one inside, but she had forgotten that the laboratory prefect has some spare keys.
It is further reported that all went wrong when the young innocent prefect unlocked the door and got the stunning view of the Chemistry teacher playing the 'hide my sausage game' with a student.
The teacher and her schooling lover as well as the prefect and the other students were all flabbergasted and speechless. The young junior students who had come to clean the lab are said to have started shouting, raising alarm.
In no time, other teachers and the school principal quickly arrived at the scene only to witness the unimaginable rare sex encounter. It was really a day to remember at the school and so sadly, the teacher and the student who were caught, busy like rabbits, playing the pumping game, were finally expelled from the school.
In our own Zimbabwe, it's usually students who are caught having sex. The most recent sex tape which many still haven't seen is the S*x tape featuring 4 Africa University students that leaked and went viral

Man jumps to death from top of eight-storey building after 'receiving phone call from Satan'

A 30-year-old man allegedly threw himself off a off an eight-storey building after he reportedly received a phone call from Satan.
The man's aunt, Thembi Shozi, 54, from Berea in Johannesburg, SA, said he was phoned from a private number on Friday night by a woman with a golden voice inviting him to a satanic church service at midnight.
Thembi said after Mongezi Masinga jumped off the building on Sunday afternoon, there wasn't a drop of blood where he fell. She said he had attempted to jump from the top of another building on Saturday night.
Thembi said she was sleeping when Mongezi's friend – Lwazi Zondi – came to her to tell her about the phone call.
"I didn't believe what his friend was telling me. The next morning, Mongezi confirmed the call. He looked tired and he was sweating. He was groaning like a beast and I knew something was wrong," said Thembi.
Lwazi said he was relaxing with Mongezi on Friday night when the phone rang.
"He answered, but a few seconds later we saw him throwing the phone on his bed. I took it and asked the woman what she wanted. She just said that she had accomplished what she had set out to do," he said.
Thembi said on Saturday, Mongezi was on the roof about to jump, but police and social workers pleaded with him and he came down."
However, the following day he jumped off another block of flats. Sergeant Mduduzi Zondo said an inquest docket was opened.
Source - Dailysun


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