Halle Berry order to pay ex boyfriend $16k per month for the upkeep of their daughter


                                                       Halle Berry

Halle Berry has been ordered to pay her ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry $16,000 a month for child support to help him care for their six-year-old daughter, Nahla.

The 47-year-old actress – who has six-year-old daughter Nahla with her ex-boyfriend – will have to make the hefty payments until their child turns 19 or graduates from high school, whichever happens first. A judge in Los Angeles also awarded the Canadian model, 38, $115,000 in back payments during a hearing on May 30.

The former couple share equal custody of their daughter, according to court documents, obtained by PEOPLE.com. The duo split in April 2010 after two years of dating and reached an initial custody agreement in late 2012 after Gabriel got into a violent altercation with Halle’s now-husband Olivier Martinez, with whom she has eight-month-old son Maceo.

The French actor and Gabriel reached a mutual decision not to pursue criminal charges for Nahla’s sake after Gabriel originally filed for a restraining order against Olivier, claiming he had threatened to kill him during the dispute in November 2012.

The row stemmed from Gabriel blocking Halle from moving to France with their daughter to escape attention from the paparazzi. The ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ star recently admitted that becoming a mother has completely changed her attitude to her career.

She said: ”Being a mom – that started when I had my daughter six years ago – you do start to bring different levels to your performances because being a mom is so life-changing and transforming when you have that right of passage and so it would be very hard for me not to bring that to every single thing that I do and I love that.” BangShowbiz.com
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Bulawayo: Student attacks Teacher


POLICE were called to Milton High School in Bulawayo yesterday after a student attacked a teacher.
Malvern Nyangani, 18, a Sixth Form student, squared up to a Maths teacher, Lawrence Ndebele, who was whipping him with a hosepipe for wearing gloves.

Police were called to the school to restore order and arrested both teacher and pupil.

When our news crew arrived at the school, the visibly-angry Ndebele was seen coming out of the headmaster’s office carrying a hosepipe.

The student was seen being escorted by two police officers to Bulawayo Central Police Station, and was later followed by his teacher.

Police took no further action after cautioning the pair.

Speaking to Chronicle, Nyangani said he was reported to Ndebele for refusing to surrender gloves he was wearing by the school head boy, Ntandoyenkosi Moyo.

Nyangani said Ndebele, who tutors Form 4s and classes below, locked him in his office and started assaulting him with a hosepipe. When he grabbed it to protect himself, he claimed, the teacher started punching him, forcing him to retaliate.

“Mr Ndebele never gave me a chance to explain about the gloves and started assaulting me with a hosepipe. When I managed to wrest the hosepipe from him, he began using fists,” said Nyangani.

He further claimed that Ndebele knocked him down and started kicking him.

“When I rose up, I tried to run away but the door had been locked. I was left with no alternative but to fight back,” narrated Nyangani.
Nyangani claimed the teacher then picked up a knobkerrie but was restrained by a fellow teacher.

The headmaster, Misheck Ngwenya, had to call the police while the two fought behind closed doors.

Nyangani had bruises on his back and a swelling on the forehead while Ndebele was left nursing a bloodied nose.

Ndebele referred all questions to the headmaster, whose phone went unanswered.

Dan Moyo, the Provincial Education Officer, said he was on leave and was unable to comment.

Corporal punishment at schools was recently banned, with the Deputy Minister for Primary and Secondary Education Dr Paul Mavima telling Parliament that it was illegal under the new Constitution adopted last year.

Presently, the Criminal (Codification and Reform) Act and Article 66 of the Education Act allow corporal punishment when it is used on boys because the government is yet to realign the two pieces of legislation with the supreme law of the land.

In 1989, the Supreme Court ruled that the whipping of boys under the age of 18 constituted inhuman and degrading punishment as it contravened section 15 of the old Constitution.

The government responded by amending that section of the old Constitution to allow “moderate” punishment for boys.

Section 53 of the new Constitution says: “No person may be subjected to physical and psychological torture or to cruel inhuman and degrading treatment or punishment.”
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Broke former Warriors striker Shingi Kawondera now mentally challenged: Ndakaroyiwa!

Former warriors striker Shingi Kawondera is reportedly mentally ill amid revelations that he has developed violent traits that have seen one of his neighbours fleeing home after receiving death threats from the former Warriors striker.

The footballer’s condition is said to have deteriorated more than two week ago after he allegedly moved around his neighbourhood naked while attacking anyone who tried to restrain him. According to a mole, the footballer, who spent more than ten years in Europe, had to be restrained by Police who took him to a clinic in Ruwa.

"The problem started about two weeks ago when he started attacking people who were passing by in his neighbourhood. He was naked and he became very violent and he was targeting men who were passing by. The Police came and took him and I have never seen him since then till yesterday (Sunday). One of the women who was helping his family to consult prophets and traditional healers has since left this place after she was threatened by Shingi who told the woman that he was going to attack her," revealed the mole.

Another relative, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said his financial problems could have triggered his current problem.

"As you know Shingi made a lot of money during his heyday but because he had a lot of women and lost a lot of property through most of his nasty divorces, he has never been the same again. He had resorted to taking a lot of drugs or anything that could get him get tipsy and help him forget his sorrows," narrated the relative.
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Woman bites of lip of mother-in-law

magistrate has slapped a Mangwe woman with a five-month prison sentence for biting off a chunk of flesh from her mother-in-law's lower lip.

Prosecutors say Sithuleleni Nkomo, 26, pounced on Bellar Ndlovu, 48, on May 25 after she had accused her of being abusive to her nieces. Ndlovu had summoned Nkomo to her homestead to discuss the issue when her daughter-in-law flew into rage and attacked her.

"My son works in Botswana and had volunteered to stay with two of his nieces who lost their parents recently," Ndlovu told the court.

"However, my daughter-in-law was opposed to this and only took these children under protest. She takes advantage of her husband's absence to abuse the children."

She said when she tries to intervene, Nkomo reacts angrily and never treats her with respect.

Prosecuting, Elisha Mazorodze said Nkomo was arrested after her mother-in-law made a report to the police.

Plumtree magistrate, Gideon Ruvetsa, lashed out at Nkomo for disrespecting her mother-in-law.

"This incident shows that you have no respect at all for your mother-in-law and the level of injury you brought upon her is too much.

"How could you bite off another person's flesh off as if you are an animal?" he said.

Ruvetsa sentenced Nkomo to five months in prison but conditionally suspended three months for five years.

The remaining two months were set aside on condition she performs 70 hours of community service at Makuzeze Primary School.

Nkomo showed remorse over her actions and apologised for the injury she caused on her mother-in-law.
Source: chronicle
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Teachers Run Away From School After Being Terrorised By Goblins

TEACHERS from Moodspruit Primary School in Gwanda District recently threatened to abandon their place of work fearing suspected goblins that were giving them sleepless nights.

Villagers close to the school said the goblins forced the teachers to seek refuge at nearby homesteads, until the goblins were exorcised through prayers.

It is said that the teachers were terrorised at night as they would hear strange sounds outside and "things" moving on rooftops making it impossible for them to sleep.

Villagers said they had to take action to ensure the school did not lose the teachers since their children were going to be negatively affected.

"The teachers were no longer putting up at the school because they said there were some ‘invisible things' that were disturbing their peace at the school.

"They were even threatening to leave the school and as villagers we had to run around to see how we can help them," said a villager who requested anonymity.

"Initially we had agreed that tsikamutandas would come and deal with the problem but we ended up opting for a prophet. The prophet conducted some prayers at the school and after that the problem seemed to have been solved because we have never had any more complaints from the teachers," said another villager.

Contacted for comment, the area's village head Delta Tshuma confirmed receiving the complainant from the teachers but said if ever the problem existed, it had since been solved.

"Yes, the teachers brought the matter to my attention and also reported it to the school committee. We had some prayers conducted at the school and discovered that there was nothing.

"I feel that the teachers just feared to be alone at night since all of them including the school head are females and the school is located in a mountainous area," said Tshuma.

He said there was a possibility the teachers used to hear sounds of birds and other animals at night.

Tshuma said after the prayers, no further incidences were reported by the teachers.

Source: chronicle
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Econet to launch pay TV service


Econet Wireless will be launching a new subscription and "pay as you go" TV service called ipidi in the coming weeks to few months.

TechZim reported that a job advert for a marketing director that the company posted to its website last week Wednesday shows the company is looking to fill in the position, in their words, "as soon as possible" for the South African market.

"It's not clear yet how the service will work but it will have a set-top box and indications from the advert are that Econet is looking to compete with the expensive TV options on the market," said TechZim.

"We're guessing this means they're gunning for Multichoice's DStv but we could be wrong."

The new marketing director, the ad says, needs to "very quickly establish it in the SA market as a desirable, aspirational and dependable alternative to the more expensive TV options that are currently available."

The company has apparently quietly started the ipidi rollout in Kenya and Zimbabwe.

Source: TechZim
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